12 years later, I'm building a computer out of parts again

January 29, 2020


Remember these.

They were called ‘Brick games’. Apparently, you can still buy them.

So what ?

What does this really have to do anything with the title then ?

Well, if you remember the way it worked with ‘Brick games’, is that you really needed to have one of those, if you wanted to get REALLY good at it. Just borrowing it, even if it was for a while every single day, wouldn't really cut it.

And, that's exactly the way I feel about teaching myself concepts in Deep Learning. I've been renting out cloud GPUs to get introduced to the concept and even come up with decent results. But, not having my ‘own’ readily accessible GPU to tinker with, has really made it difficult to retain this knowledge.

See, I moved over to using laptops roughly 12 years ago, and ever since I've only relied on a combinaton of laptops and cloud compute/storage. Never had I thought, that the day would arrive where I'd be spending nights reading up on PCIe specs, AMD vs Intel chipsets, CPU generations, GPU cores etc. and other details. I thought I had put all that behind me.

After reading up several posts, specs and all that, and almost 5 revisions later, I have now ordered the parts. Fingers crossed, all of them will play well together. There'll be a build post coming up, after they've all arrived.